Flamming Steamboat!!!

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The Flame was too hot to handle
Hari ni aku g mkn bersama rkn2 ke "Flamming Steamboat" kat Sunway. Pergghhh...mmg melantak sampai puas r. Mknn dia pn sedap2 gak lebih2 lg pencuci mulut dia. Mmg tip top to the max r.

Fuhh!!! mmg bnyk r mknn dia toksah nk di pertikaikan lg r. Segalanya ada...dr mknn laut sampai lah ke rumpai laut. Sume ade. Tp majority mknn dia seafood base.
Specialty kat kedai ialah mknn steamboat tp dia ade jual gak mknn goreng2.

RAW Mussel!!!
This is how it should be done!!!

Ais krim n rokok!! Chilll!!!

Finished already. Eaten by 5 hungry people!!!

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